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Flesh and Bone: Chapter 3

As he approached his townhouse, his next-door neighbor, Pilar, waved to him from her own sun deck.

“You catch us any breakfast?” she hollered out across the sands, her voice mixing with the winds, the sounds of the surf and the seagull songs.

Zoe glanced up and then saw Pilar and barked in greeting.

Pilar bent down slightly, clapped her hands together and then tapped them on her thighs and said, “Well come on girl. I’m coming down, but c’mon up.”

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Flesh and Bone: Chapter 2

The waves crashed onto the shore as Roger Tate repositioned his right heel to gain better footing in the frothy sand.

Zoe, his German Shepherd, barked and danced excitedly back and forth across the beach, kicking up miniature tornadoes of sand with her rear paws as Roger’s fishing pole continued to bend at a precipitously awkward angle.

He continue to reel the line in. He snagged the fish, whatever it was, about twenty minutes before. The fish tired, but still had a lot of fight left in it. Roger waded out into the rough wake, where the breakers crashed as he continued to try to reel in his line.

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Lighthouse history

Hi folks. Here’s a story I recently wrote on the history of the West End lighthouse on the south shore. The view from up top as amazing…Hope you enjoy this