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Flesh and Bone Chapter 1

It all started with Facebook. Guy Broussard, a Johnny-come-lately particularly when it came to technology, activated his first Facebook account around six months ago shortly after his daughter, Alyssa, decided she was going to move to Baton Rouge to begin her studies at Louisiana State University.

She convinced him to get the account so they could keep in touch with each other, in addition to their iPhones.

Guy wasn’t thrilled with the idea of her moving all the way own to Baton Rouge and he had voiced his protests enthusiastically.

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White Kitchen

This highway never fucking ends
American nightmare running scared…


The Misfits


Bobby Thibodaux was dead tired. And, except for the sixty bucks he had wadded up in a clump in the front pocket of his jeans, he was also flat broke. He was ready for shrimp season to open up in less than 48 hours and that’s what found him tooling along a lonely strip of U.S. Highway 90 just past midnight on a Saturday night.

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