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That Other Thing

Mick Rogers fumbled with his keys in the dark as he swatted at a cluster of gnats that were congregating on the porch of the lake house. Although it was close to nine, the skies were still dark purple, not quite fully night, because Daylight Savings Time had just passed.
Actually, Mick had not planned on coming out to the lake house until the following morning, Saturday. However, after rubbing elbows with department heads, alumni and cellists at the university’s gala concert tonight, Mick decided he needed a drive to clear his head. So after the concert, he stopped at his Garden District apartment, packed a quick bag and was on U.S. 11 headed north in what seemed like a matter of minutes.
It was typical Louisiana weather, already stifling hot at night in April. He drove with the windows down and the radio cranked, set on the local classic rock station.

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