E-book marketing fail: The 2013 Ashton Daigle Book Tour

After thirty-some-odd years, I’ve finally done it. I published a novel, an e-book to be exact, The Long Hunt. Although the temptation to drone on with a long, windy inspirational speech thanking everybody from my first grade teacher to my garbage man is strong, (I’d like to thank the Academy) I’m going to resist.


And it’s not because I’m an ungrateful degenerate. Oh no. It’s because apparently, now that I have this thing published, the real work begins – marketing.


It was with this in mind when I announced to my wife last night that I was ready to embark on the 2013 Ashton Daigle Book Tour.


The plan is really simple.


It’s inspired by those “tape a cheetah to her back” commercials. I love those. I don’t even know what product they’re selling. I know it is cellular service (at least I think it’s cellular service), but I’d be hard pressed to tell you what company it is. The kids are hysterical with their truly thoughtful and creative answers. The deadpan quality of the cell service guy interviewing the kids is hilarious too. He reminds me of Jimmy Fallon for some reason. I know it isn’t, but he reminds me of him.


Anyway, my plan involves simply “showing up” at places to do spontaneous, impromptu readings from The Long Hunt. Invitations, I don’t need no stinking invitations. I’ll just show up.


My first stop: Barnes and Noble. I simply walk in, find a good comfortable spot like the children’s section where they have those cozy little benches for the “real” guest readers and begin reading until I am escorted out. I’m sure if I work on it – I can create a fad, something far cooler than planking or flash mobs.


I won’t really do this (Or will I?), but I nearly choked on my coffee in hysterics last night as I described this plan to my wife last night. For the time being, I’ll stick to the more traditional forms of marketing a self-published novel.


And just as soon as I figure out what those are, I’ll let you know how it works out.




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