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Fisheries feel the brunt of BP spill

Fisheries feel the brunt of BP Spill

by Ashton Daigle

Fishermen and local businesses along the coastal parishes of southeast Louisiana are feeling the impact of the oil spill that began following the April 20 explosion and collapse of British Petroleum’s (BP)Deepwater Horizon oil well.
To date, the beach at Grand Isle has been closed down as oil washes ashore. Meanwhile, oil also continues to filter into Barataria Bay, causing damage to already diminished barrier coastal islands that provide habitat for many species of birds, including the state bird, the brown pelican.
Anger, frustration and resentment are the prevailing sentiments of many fishermen in the coastal parishes, who perceive the response by BP officials, as well as federal and state government officials, as less than adequate.
John Tesvich, chairman of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force, is among those fishermen who fear for the worst, for both their livelihoods and for the environment as a whole.

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St. Bernard officials seeking boats

Officials in St. Bernard Parish are seeking commercial fishermen with boats for a possible oil-skimming operation.

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